Our Inception'

Proceedings of the inaugural meeting of the Bihar state road transport corporation held on the 2nd may, 1959 a10.00 a.m.

First Chairman of the Board was Sri Rameshwar Prasad Sinha
The Central Act of 1950 provided that the State Government, having regard to,

  • Sri RameshwarPd.Singh,Chairman.
  • Sri NawabzadaS.M.Mehdi.
  • Sri M.S.Rao, I.C.S., Chief Secretary, Govt. of Bihar.
  • Sri ┬áS.N. Singh, I.A.S.,Secretary, Finance Department, Govt. of Bihar.
  • Sri M.R.Hoda, I.A.S.,Secretary, Public works Department, Government of Bihar.
  • Sri S.A.Abbas, I.P.C. ,State Transport Commissioner, Bihar.
  • SriN.Roy,Deputy Chief Commercial Supdt. , Eastern Railway, Calcutta.
  • SriMB.Jaggannathan,Deputy Chief Accounts officer,South Eastern Railway, Calcutta.

The Chief Minister, who was to inaugurate the meeting and Minister Transport were also present.

Sri Rameshwar Pd. Singh, Chairman, welcomed the Chief Minister Inaugurating the meeting the Chief Minister stated that the corporation had been set up after careful thought in order to provide bettermeans of transport to the public. The Chief Minister hoped that the Corporation would not merely be in a position to improve the services that were offered by the Rajya Transport Department of the state Government, but also earn profit which would go to onigh the State exchequer and provide funds which were needed urgently for undertaking development activities

The Minister Transport thanked the Chief Minister for having found time to Inaugurate the first meeting of the Corporation. Thereafter, the Chief Minister and the Minister Transport departed and the Corporation began to attend to the business on the agenda.

The M.S.Rao, I.C.S., Chief Secretary, Government of Bihar, explained that certain draft resolutions were for consideration with a view to delegate powers to the Chairman and regularise the continuance of employees who were in the Rajya Transport Department till the 30th April, 1959. He further explained that the General Manager of the Corporation could be asked to submit a report regarding the precise delegations that would be necessary, after ascertaining the delegations that were enforced in the Corporation set up by other States. Thereupon, the Corporation considered.

Resolved that until further orders the General Manager of the Bihar State Road Transport Corporation shall continue to exercise the same powers as were being exercised by him till the 30th April, 1959, in addition to any other powers vested in him under the Road Transport Corporation Act. 1950 and rules framed there under. It was also resolved that until further orders all the Divisional Managers shall continuo to exercise the same powers as were being exercised by them till the 30th April, 1959.

Resolved that until further orders, the conditions of sevice of employees laid down in standing order under Industrial Employment (Standing order) Act, 1946 already adopted by the Rajya Transport, Bihar, shall, Mutati.s-mutandis, apply to workmen of the Corporation other than officers and office staff employed in the administrative officers and sections.

Resolved that the officers named in the Government order No. 3089 dated the 20th April, 1959, May operate the Corporation Fund under limitations and conditions described in the aforesaid Government order.

It was also decided that the General manager might be permitted to attend to meetings and take notes regarding the decisions taken.

The members of the Corporation were informed that the Ministry of Railways had directed that a Joint Committee should be appointed with representatives, both of the state Government and the Ministry of Railways, to evaluate the assets of the Corporation. It was decided that the State Govt. an early constitution of the Joint Committee.

It was further decided that the General Manager should submit a detailed report regarding the affairs of the Corporation and send copies of the report to each member for study by the 20th May, 1959.

It was decided to hold the next meeting of the Corporation at 11 A.M. On the 6th June, 1959 in the Secretariat Building at Ranchi Finance Department of the State Government had given permission to the Corporation to submit its budget estimates for 1959-60 by the 25th May, 1959, it was decide that the State Government should be requested to extend the date for submission of the budget estimates to the 15th June, 1959.